Mckey Lifestyle

Mckey Lifestyle

-Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy: This is a pre workout with green tea, BCAA, amino acids & Green Coffee Extract. I usually mix 1 or 2 scoops with a 20oz shaker cup of water.
Flavors:Blue Raspberry, Watermelon with electrolytes 
-Celsius powder packets: These are super easy to use on the go! Just mix the packet into a bottle of water or your shaker cup. I drink these 75% of the time!
Flavors:Dragon fruit lime, Cranberry Lemon, Orange

Post workout:

-Vegan chocolate protein powder: Mckey brand
-Orgain protein: I love to make a smoothie with this protein but if i'm crunched for time I can mix with water & it doesn't have that chalky, thick taste! I love that it's plant based because it's super easy on my stomach! I love chocolate fudge & vanilla flavor! (smoothie recipe coming soon) Or use code-mckeymeals10

-Glutamine powder: Mckey Brand


Collagen:  Mckey brand

Multivitamin: Mckey brand

My go to skinny margarita mix

My go to affordable athleisure wear:

Athletic shorts(Perfect for when I was pregnant & aren't maternity)
Sports bra
Second favorite
Crop w built in bra
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